Clara Engel




Fierce and delicate, Clara Engel's music is reminiscent of an era in history when theatre, art, and music were an integral part of a bigger and more vital whole, an era that the21st century is craving more than ever. Equal parts poet and singer, Engel draws inspiration from a variety of sources, such as old bluesmen Robert Johnson and Howlin' Wolf, minimalist composer Arvo Pärt, gender-bending balladeer Antony Hegarty, intimist French songwriter Jacques Brel, the mind of "Soft Cell" Marc Almond, because of their intensity and ability to convey emotions, and visionary filmmakers like Emir Kusturica, Bela Tarr, and David Lynch. Though her music is typically assembled from a few basic unadorned elements (her beguiling voice, just one or two instruments, some form of plain percussion, a back-up voice or a small choir) these ones join themselves and counteract with each other in subtly complex ways, undulating in and out of concord. Determinedly avoiding the boisterous and turbulent, her melodies and lyrics nevertheless arrive soaking with savage passion, each song addressing the hearer like a love letter from the devil. In addition to her solo experience, Clara has worked in collaboration with Canadian ambient/experimental composer Aidan Baker, Brazilian singer-songwriter Bruno Capinan, British composer Jacob, and has contributed to Germany-based Phallus Dei's soundtrack "Sommertag". With intricate song structures and a compelling, and with her sophisticated voice like-no-other in today's industry, Clara Engel is smashing trivial definitions of contemporary music, breaking boundaries between a variety of genres.