Bad Times

Bad Times

Tomek Mirt - musician, designer, painter, a co-founder of the first Polish modular synthesisers manufactory XAOC Devices and the owner of independent label cat|sun & saamleng. What’s more, he works with Monotype Records and Bocian Rec. As an artist, Mirt fluently moves between chaos and order, mistake and purposefulness, blur and sharpness, and finally between analogue modular tones, sounds created by acoustic instruments and field recordings. That makes his music hard to classify but easy to fall in love with. During his musical career he worked with well known electronic and experimental artists such as Ralph Wechowski, Wolframem, Angelica Casteló or Black Forest/ Black Sea. He also performed at many festivals like Unsound, Donau Festival Wroclaw Industrial Festival and Flussi. Mirt has recorded plenty of albums, including eleven solo works. Many of them were released not only in Poland but also in Italy and the USA. He developed his unique language of sounds while playing with artists like One Inch of Shadow or Brasil and The Gallowbrothers Band, but above all starring solo and in duo with Magda TER.